MR editorial, Dec. 2002

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Sun Nov 9 20:16:57 MST 2003

You are misinterpreting my words and  the issue at hand.  Nobody has said
anything about more revolutionary than thou except you in your homage to
praxis.The components of the Marxist analysis I am referring to  involve the
issues of cost and profit, wage labor, rates of profit, organic compositon
of capital.... it has nothing to do with current or past employment status,
union affiliation, or the possession of a combat infantryman's badge (you
want one?  I got plenty.)

The critical power of Marxist analysis is that it moves the analysis of the
economy from "nature," and use, to social, and exchange.  That is the exact
meaning of applying Marxist categories to the discussion of oil and the US
moves in the Persian Gulf.  It has nothing to do with more revolutionary
than thou.

Nobody requires credentials here, except you with your references to
veterans of  "Marxist" organizations. But I've never been impressed by
credentials, or rank, and I make it a point to give my best efforts,
concrete to the bone, despite the use of abstract historical categories.

At one and the same time you criticize me for never having belonged to the
SWP or CP or ISO or whatever and then you say most of you are running from
"groups" or individuals who pose things in a certain fashion.  I assume
since you are no longer a member of the SWP, you found them posing things in
the objectionable manner.

So did I.  The analyses presented by the official left were/are sterile,
derivative, reactive (not reactionary), and absolutely guaranteed to produce
no successful oppositon to capital.

And nobody is trying to tear the list apart.  I engaged in no insults,
personal gut-checks, CV inquiries in this discussion. I have made no
suggestion that Jon is anything other than a committed socialist.  But I do
ask:  is his view of oil consistent with a Marxist analysis?  That's a
perfectly fair question.  And if we, or some  of us, or one of us thinks
that an analysis based on the critical categories of Marx's explorations
into capital can provide a better insight into the real problem, and a
better practical program for opposition, then the list should be open and
interested in that analysis.  I believe that most of the participants here
are interested in just such analysis.

I leave it to the list participants to decide if the arguments I presented
transcended self-aggrandizement and were for the "good of the list."


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