LCR lets go of dicktatorship

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Nov 10 01:05:05 MST 2003

Thanks for posting this Jurriaan.

>From the article it's hard to be sure of its significance. If they just had
the words in their program and removed them because they were being
misunderstood, I think it's a good idea. For the same reason most of us
don't go around waving hammers and sicles. The trouble, however is this

>>The more mainstream French Communist Party (PCF) dropped the concept of
the dictatorship of the proletariat in 1976.<<

The CPs ditched more than the words; they were switching from support for
Soviet stalinism to "Eurocommunism" which was a road towards social
democracy. Whether that was good or bad is a hard call in my book.

Of course the LCR aren't stalinists, but the question is whether this is
more than a change of terminology. I.e. are they abandoning, or watering
down perhaps, what Marx and Lenin had in mind - workers' power. Under the
guise of "opening up to the anti-capitalist movement" perhaps. I wouldn't
like to see that happening.

Will look forward to more information.

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