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> Subject: Re: internal security: note from a friend
> We should all be carrying those little cheap cameras and taking note of all
> the goings on. the other day I was showing my daughter how to drive; we were in
> an abandoned lot near our house, right over the railroad tracks at the
> abandoned train station, across from the abandoned Mexican Industries site.
> A guy drove up and asked if he could help us. I was puzzled and asked him
> what the hell he was doing in this abandoned lot, and he says he's the FBI. I ask
> him what the FBI are doing in this Godforsaken place and he tells me Homeland
> Security sent him. These guys are all over the place here, with very little
> constructive to do.
> He was not rude and did not try to tell us we had to leave. HE just seemed
> bored to tears and happy to see any lifeform. I think they contracted that stuff
> out on the cheap and all these "agents" are really like security guards.
> This is all so weird; Border Patrol is all over Vernor every day, just a
> menacing presence. How long will this occupation last?
> El.
> (Note: Vernor St. runs through Mexican Town in Detroit and this area extends
> to the border crossing with Canada.)
Yeah, I'm feeling this.  My dad works for a regional federal agency which
runs dams, and formerly worked for the Navy (in the old Kellogg sanitarium
and at the Oakland base); my great-uncle was one of the NSA's first
employees, we think (he had been in the OSS, which was a thing some people
were doing at that time).  Both of them were liberal enough to get in
trouble with the "silent majority".  So in truth, traditionally outside the
CPUSA (and black-radical) fold there hasn't been a problem with the federal
government; their position was that you couldn't do anything if you tried
(which is more or less true), and if you didn't try you didn't deserve to be
in trouble.  Homeland Security is evil, though, and not because the guys are
bad but because the thing's run a like a business in competition with the
left; they pull all kinds of Microsoft-style tricks to discredit anybody to
the left of the DLC (I think).  It's bad, it really is.

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