Town And Country

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Mon Nov 10 17:29:20 MST 2003

> socialism. Under industrial socialism the same contradictions remain but not the
> movement in antagonism.
> We are going to learn the difference the hard way.

If I could add a little to this discussion of "town and country", and cash
out some of what I've been saying: I lived in the 'burgh for four years,
some of that time in a neighborhood like Hamtramck (white ethnic) and two
years in a place like Highland Park (white/black mix on the street,
centrally located for hell on earth - "The Hill"). "Hamtramck" was very
warm, especially in the ancient apartment during the summer, but "Highland
Park" was cool: it was nice enough if you believed, and bad enough if you
believed in yourself.

Which factored out a lot of the shit I was in, those years being very
difficult for other reasons, and which made me think a little bit about the
different sides of "urbanity".  The way I see it, you learn the difference
between town and country the hard way *in the country* (where it matters
what you believe), the "easy" way in the central city (where it never
matters), and you've got to be one place or the other some of the time; so
like you say, you just can't get away from thinking about such things even
if you manage to avoid trouble by some "feat of excellence".

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