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Mon Nov 10 17:59:31 MST 2003

>To fault Marxists for their "theoretical" utopian assumption that the earth
>can sustain an unlimited population,while ignoring the practical barbarian
>reality that has always and inevitably accompanied the adherents of
>population control does a tremendous disservice to Marx, to yourself, to
>this list, and to all of humanity.

This is a Marxism list. I didn't think it would be necessary to make the
record that we must oppose forced sterilizations, etc. I was talking about
the sort of argument found in Joe Hansen's "Too Many Babies", written in
the 1950s, which epitomized that kind of techno-optimism. Joe said that
"green revolution" discoveries such as DDT, chemical fertilizer, etc. had
definitively refuted Malthusianism. What Joe did not grasp (although it was
interesting that the Cochranites did) is that industrial farming can only
increase food production at the expense of other components of the
biosystem. Marxism as a  radical materialism is uniquely positioned to
understand how society, nature and the forces of production interact.
Needless to say, this will operate in fashions entirely unlike capitalism.

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