Iraq Resistance

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Nov 10 21:44:58 MST 2003

>>I have seen a lot about Iraqi resistance in left and bourgeois news
sources lately, but am still clueless as to the character of this
resistance movement, or if it is a "movement" at all, per se. Does anyone
know of any particular or strong resistance movement? I ask,
because their seems to be large focus in many American marxist groups to
support Iraqi resistance, and yet the only coherent resistance movements I
have heard of--and again, I have not heard much of any--seem utterly to
consist of reactionary politics cloaked as anti-imperialism.<<

Well there's no reason why a national resistance movement shouldn't have
reactionary politics. The nation-state is a capitalist animal, after all.
Anyway, for a "map" of the resistance produced some time back, and posted
on this list by Peter Boyle, go here:

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