Marxism, fascism and Trotsky

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Mon Nov 10 22:47:27 MST 2003

You wrote:

Do Shut Up!  The United States is not a fascist country...

I never said it was a fascist country, in fact, if you had read my previous
posts, I specifically reject the idea that the US government can be called
fascist, I was specifically referring to "fascist American idiots who are
still running around
thinking they are directing the course of world history and stuffing up
people's lives all over the planet" which is something different, it refers
specifically to those people who operate a blinkered, visionless American
foreign policy based on crude, nasty, dehumanising dogma's such as the "axis
of evil" and "yellow peril" ideas, which consists in military action and
increasing weapons sales, and has nothing much else to offer to the world,
and thus kills people directly and indirectly. So why not shut up yourself,
get yourself a weight loss program, and stop being an oaf. You're 85 years
too late for a "critique" of Trotsky's military policy. That policy
succeeded, so there's something to be learnt from it. As regards Webern, I
want to have nothing to do with him or his music. NLR contained both good
and bad articles like any other journal, the main thing wrong with it is its
elitist language use which hides ambiguities and contradictions with
contrived linguistic constructions.


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