Most against War

Ryan ryanhokanson at
Tue Nov 11 06:07:09 MST 2003

>Let me take a rough guess - 80% of the people in America are opposed to

>the war against Iraq or simply will not support Bush Jr. or any of the
>bourgeois politicians.

>Bush Jr. administration has no popular base of support in America.
>Yet, the dilemma remains - "if you don't hit it, it won't fall."

97% won't resist until it's too late if things are allowed to go on as


"The war danger, which is a life and death question for the people, is
the supreme test for all the groupings and tendencies within the working
class. The struggle for 'peace', 'the struggle against war', 'war on
war', and similar slogans are hollow and fraudulent phrases if
unaccompanied by the propaganda and the application of revolutionary
methods of struggle. The only way to put an end to war is to overthrow
the bourgeoisie. The only way to overthrow the bourgeoisie is by a
revolutionary assault. As against the reactionary heat of "national
defence" it is necessary to advance the slogan of the revolutionary
destruction of the national state. To the madhouse of capitalist Europe
it is necessary to counterpose the program of the Socialist United
States of Europe, as a step toward the United States of the World.
Marxists irreconcilably reject the pacifist slogans of 'disarmament',
'arbitration', and 'amity between peoples' (i.e., between capitalist
governments), etc., as opium for the popular masses. The combinations
between working class organizations and petty-bourgeois pacifists (the
Amsterdam-Pleyel Committee and similar undertakings) render the best
service to imperialism by distracting the attention of the working class
from reality with its grave struggles and beguiling them instead with
impotent parades.

The struggle against war and imperialism cannot be the task of any sort
of special 'committees'. The struggle against war is the preparation for
revolution, that is to say, the task of working class parties and of the
International. Marxists pose this great task before the proletarian
vanguard, without any frills. To the enervating slogan of 'disarmament'
they counterpose the slogan of winning the army and arming the workers.
Precisely in this is one of the most important dividing lines between
Marxism and centrism drawn. Whoever dares not utter aloud the
revolutionary tasks will never find the courage to solve them." - Iam
Asben Tasacrobar


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