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Well, I guess the planet can carry 50 times as many people as there are
today. Of course, this will leave homo sapiens, mice, rats, crows,
seagulls, cockroaches and household pets to inherit the mess since bears,
wolves, predatory birds, frogs, fish and just about everything else will be
exinct. I myself believe that biological diversity is important for a whole
host of reasons, both spiritual and biological reasons. In fact, human
encroachment on the forests very like accounts for HIV, Ebola and a host of
other illnesses discussed by Laurie Garrett in "The Coming Plague". When
you factor in global warming, the living will envy the dead in this
dreadful future.

Louis Proyect,


I see nothing wrong with the above formulation pegging the carrying capacity
of the earth at 50 X's current population. The objection was molding this into
a political thesis of urgency and framing the question as the "use-value" of

Beneath the question of population is another question: what actually governs
the law of human population growth as a biological imperative? The carrying
capacity of the earth might be something to look at in the distinct future.
It's all good.

I of course come from the school of thought that says Ebola, Ebola Zaire and
HIV are man made. There is much literature on this subject and I once
possessed a study out of Austria by scientist "proving the man made character" of HIV
on the basis of its dissolution - by chemical means, on the basis of which the
virus was constructed.

Then again my suspicion was raised when it was initially declared that HIV
came from African men having sex with gorillas - the "green ape theory."  Ever
tried having sex with your wife when she was not in the mood? Sex with a
gorilla is absurd. These viruses are meant to kill people and defeat the proletarian
revolution - really.


Melvin P.

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