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The struggle for 'peace', 'the struggle against war', 'war on
war', and similar slogans are hollow and fraudulent phrases if
unaccompanied by the propaganda and the application of revolutionary
methods of struggle. The only way to put an end to war is to overthrow
the bourgeoisie. The only way to overthrow the bourgeoisie is by a
revolutionary assault. As against the reactionary heat of "national
defence" it is necessary to advance the slogan of the revolutionary
destruction of the national state.


There is nothing hollow about the struggle for peace and against war,
although such struggles by definition express different class urges. "The
revolutionary destruction of the national state" is no well thought out and the State
that is the state of the United States of North America is a multinational state
and not a national state.

Slogan and propaganda must take into account how the people within ones area
of work think things out. The overthrow of bourgeois property is not possible
in America at this time. What is needed in my opinion is the slow but
persistent effort to construction a national organization that can raise class issues
and being the process of created a national body politic based on class

The emergence of a national class awareness is the prelude to the emergence
of class consciousness. Class consciousness is conscious understanding of why
bourgeois property has to be overthrown.

Our collective tactics should be to win over the leaders in the various
spontaneous movements of labor and this can only happen if we are involved in these
movements. We are at a low level of activity, but a stage in the social
process where we can begin our propaganda task as Marxist and socialism by speaking
in the framework in which the American peoples think things out. This is
somewhat different from our Internet list severs grouped around Marxists.

The significance of the latest polls about half the country being more than
less against the war, is that it is a crack in the war of silence imposed on
our working class. We have yet to shatter the wall of silence and give voice to
class demands in a mass way.

We need to develop a real understanding of slogans.

Melvin P.

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