I feel a song in my heart

dmschanoes dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 11 07:12:23 MST 2003

Thank you Brother Melvin for this--

And we could add a million more and never be finished-- like the Monitors
"Say You,"  The Fantastic Four "The Whole World Is a Stage"  Jimmy Ruffin
"What Becomes of the Brokenhearted."

Here's one of my favorite stories of  love so strong it bound itself up in
chains.  It was what?  1966? Spring, I think.  We were sitting outside
listening to CKLW and Aretha's "I Aint Never Loved A Man..." came on.  First
time any of us had heard it.  Turned out to be first time almost anyone had
heard it.  People stopped on the sidewalk and came over to us.  Cars pulled
over, windows down, radios on, drivers turning off their motors.  Apartment
windows were open and from what sounded like all of them, Aretha was
singing--  all the radios were being turned up all at once.... and there was
no other sound.  I don't think we were even breathing.  At the end of the
song, everybody just looked around, as if they were being jerked back from
someplace they wanted to be to someplace they had left and was now never to
be the same.


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