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And we could add a million more and never be finished-- like the Monitors
"Say You,"  The Fantastic Four "The Whole World Is a Stage"  Jimmy Ruffin
"What Becomes of the Brokenhearted."
"Say You" by the Monitors was great. I actually saw they perform it live at
the Fox Theater. The Temptations did a cover of "Say You" with Ruffin on lead.

Been following and catching up on the writings of Marsha Cusic, who is poised
to become a really great writer. She is a remarkable women and became the
first women President of the Bakers Union back in the early 1980s.  She is
writing a book about her father who gave many musicians their first break during the
era of the Detroit Sound, which would later morph into the Motown Sound. Her
femininity is not overwhelmed by her profound proletarian sensibility.

A simple shiver - twist, in fate allowed Berry Gordy to pass by her father in
the recording business. Then again Gordy had that incredible ear and will.

The Fantastic Four was with Golden Wolrd/Ric Tic Records and the entire music
industry in Detroit was profoundly proletariat in all instances. Virtually
everyone did a stint in the factory system.

Great stuff on merits of the discussion.

Melvin P.

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