The Iraqi toll from the American invasion - past, present, and future

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Nov 11 08:18:20 MST 2003

Medact, an organization of health professionals, is out today with a
thorough study ( of the
affect of the American invasion of Iraq on the Iraqi people, including not
just direct deaths and injuries but also the health and environmental
affects of the invasion. Their conclusion:

"The war on Iraq and its aftermath exacted a heavy toll on combatants and
civilians, who paid and continue to pay the price in death, injury and
mental and physical ill health. Between 21,700 and 55,000 people died
between March 20 and October 20, 2003 (the date on which this report went to
press), while the health and environmental consequences of the conflict will
be felt for many years to come."

The complete report is available: Dam

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