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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Nov 11 15:23:56 MST 2003

Rudyard Kipling wrote "The White Man's Burden" to encourage the United
States of America on to imperialism.  Teddy Roosevelt received the
message loud and clear, and took it up.

I remember when I tried to underscore the "futility of war"during the
Vietnam War by painting my red poppy white and wearing it on 11/11.  A
teacher stopped me in the halls of my high school to lecture me on
for the dead, and why he perceived my desecration of the emblem as an
insult.  I said I was sorry he had to feel that way
--then asked him why so many had to die so young?
Why are so many dying now in yet another stupid war?  It's like we are
drugged and have forgotten about life: that's why I chose the white
opium poppy provocation, to wake people up.  The man was a veteran, but
he was also a thoughtful teacher.  He gave a grim smile, shook his head,

and warned me to be careful.

It's too bad that reactionary minds controlled that school, because
there were so many earnest, pro-active teachers there.  Maybe it was the

times, but when I look back, overall, I think that generation of
teachers was much more progressive than many I have encountered since I
got involved with education.  But perhaps that was not only THEN
 --it was THERE: the late Sixties, in Toronto.

Peace & Love,

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