On the U.S. Left (III)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Nov 11 20:08:31 MST 2003

In addition to Eli's very valid points, I would add that every newspaper
needs a certain editorial coherence -- a "line" if you like; and who is
going to decide that? Normally it's the provider of resources (capitalists
or organisations).

It wasn't that long ago there was such a paper in the US: the National
Guardian, but it lacked resources and went out of business.

Given this reality, I'd say the gap is best filled the way we're filling it
now: via the internet including this list, local community radio, and the
"sect" press which is often quite useful for all its crochets. The internet
is particularly valuable because it allows us to do what the left press
traditionally did anyway: sift through the information you can find in the
bourgeois media if you look, bring it together, and add a left commentary.
I rely on this list and a few other internet sources for much of my news
these days.

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