"... gonna get worse" (Iraq)

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Tue Nov 11 21:16:29 MST 2003

CIA: Iraq security to get worse
Bremer meets with White House advisers to discuss situation
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 Posted: 10:44 PM EST (0344 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A recent CIA assessment of Iraq warns the security
situation will worsen across the country, not just in Baghdad but in
the north and south as well, a senior administration source told CNN

The report is a much more dire and ominous assessment of the situation
than has previously been forwarded through official channels, this
source said. It was sent to Washington Monday by the CIA station chief
in Iraq.

It was not immediately clear if the assessment was what prompted the
hastily arranged trip to Washington by Iraq civilian administrator
L. Paul Bremer, who met Tuesday at the White House with President Bush
and senior national security officials.

The report was discussed during the high-level meetings, sources said.

The senior administration source, who spoke on condition of anonymity,
said Bremer agreed with the CIA assessment and added his personal
comments to the station chief's memo.


A third U.S. official said the intelligence report was from the CIA
and that it highlights what the official conceded are several "major
ongoing security issues."

That official refused to characterize the report in further
detail. But the senior administration source who did discuss the
report said it essentially says things are "gonna get worse" across

The source said the memo notes that:

 - More Iraqis are "flooding to the ranks of the guerrillas." Many of
 these Iraqis are Sunnis who had previously been "on the sidelines"
 but now believe they can "inflict bodily harm" on the Americans.

 - Ammunition is "readily available," making it much easier to mount

The assessment also notes that organization and coordination are
getting "tighter" among foreign insurgents -- extremists including but
not limited to al Qaeda and Hezbollah -- and those "displaced people"
who lost power.



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