Terrorism scare: Howard whips up fear and racism - Green Left Weekly #561 November 12, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #561 November 12, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Refugees, terrorism 'scare': Howard whips up fear
and racism
The Australian government is using the hysteria around the deportation
of Willie Brigitte for alleged "terrorist" activities and the arrival of
a small boatload of asylum seekers to prepare the most favourable terms
for a federal election. It is counting on fear and racism to win the
election for the Coalition parties, as they did last time.

Howard plays the fear and race cards again
14 asylum seekers `threaten' national security
Ruddock seeks more police powers
How Willie Brigitte became a 'terrorist'

Jail bosses who kill!

ARGENTINA: The catastrophe of GM soya
CUBA: Chomsky condemns US attacks
UNITED STATES: Temporary work grows
IRAQ: Ramadan offensive: resistance growing stronger
IRAQ: The initial stages of a guerrilla war
FRANCE: Anti-capitalist electoral pact announced
FRANCE: Appeal for unity of the anti-capitalist left
ISRAEL: The real terrorist leader
BRITAIN: Postal workers beat New Labour
UNITED STATES: Ashcroft's war on activism
CUBA: Record vote against US blockade
CANADA: Amnesty International `censors' Venezuela documentary
ECUADOR: Environmental campaigner assassinated
EUROPEAN UNION: Citizens on file
CUBA: Washington's objective is to "cause hunger, desperation and
overthrow the government"

Mothers dumped with it all
Howard: the `champion gymnast'
US military families speak out
Anti-war activist resigned from Labor Party

Ashrawi warmly welcomed to Sydney
The battlefield is between your ears
Pro-refugee campaign gets support
Longgrass rocks
Rail supporters organise
Protests for Palestine
Building industry taskforce gets first conviction
New ASIO laws used for first time
Wilson transformer workers strike to protect conditions
Fox to speak to socialists
News Briefs
Public sector workers to strike against redundancies
Maritime union offers solidarity

Dude, where's your political strategy? Michael Moore's new book reviewed
Amandla! The power of revolutionary song
Steve Towson demands `Stand down Howard'
Lyndon LaRouche exposed

Write on: Letters to the editor
Loose cannons
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