Re.: "... gonna get worse" (Iraq)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Nov 12 01:57:49 MST 2003

I noticed a large difference between AP's figures on Iraqi civilian
casualties and the number put out by the British charity Medact, as
reported by Al-Jazeera --that is if you accept that a factor of ten is
substantial and significant.

On the active end of the death equation, as per:

"Thirty-eight U.S. troops have died this month, bringing the number of
troops killed in the Iraq war to 398. Since President Bush declared an
end to
major combat May 1, 259 U.S. servicemen and women have been killed."

--one may wonder if the White House is guided by Vietnam War standards
in regard to the US public's possible saturation or threshold levels for
combat deaths?  If so, then "gonna get worse" has a long way to go, say
fifty or sixty thousand over a ten year period?  The implied rate of
deaths per six month period may therefore remain still much below the
American population's toleration, or mass mobilization point.  Social
communication changes have occured since the 1960s, however, and the
rapid transmission of information from various sources (satellite video
transmissions, the internet, WWW, etc., from different countries,
different perspectives, etc.) is much more plentiful now.  The
perceptions of predicaments in the public's mind may then be more
sensitive, bringing the tolerance level down.

Establishment spin doctors are pressed to overwhelm the negative
messages with their own static, and employ all sorts of smokes and
mirrors, switches, and bluster to divert mass media attention (leaving
aside the major media's inclination to so accomodate, and its mitigation
by the various sources mentioned).  As we are witnessing, the President
cleaves to an "out of sight, out of mind" modus operandi.  Images of
combat coffins are thus banned, swept under the rug, and "the leader of
the free world" avoids contact with funerals, and snubs grieving
families to downplay death.  It maybe a short matter of time before even
allusions to war casualities will be pounced upon by Bush partisans as
insultingly antipatriotic.

Their actions have become so foolishly foul and odious that the stench
is penetrating politics.  We must sense this opportunity, for history
has presented a horrible farce. And we can ask, with the rhetorical
charge that finally collapsed Joe McCarthy, "Have you utterly no
decency?"  Not just to Bush and his cronies, but to all who would insist
that they are in the right.  They are woefully wrong.  They reek with
shame.  Their whole act is a con that kills.  It's totally pointless,
except for their own personal, private power and profit.  Is there a
struggle people can wage for what is right and good for all?

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