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Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Wed Nov 12 03:10:32 MST 2003

Chris asks:

"Is there a struggle people can wage for what is right and good for all?"

It depends what you mean by "right" but I take you to mean proper. Of course
there is that struggle. But the most important priority is to call a
ceasefire in Iraq and negotiate the terms of withdrawal of coalition
military forces from Iraq as soon as possible. Only in this way can the
destruction of more human lives be prevented. We had this silly dispute on
Marxmail about whether the "troops out" slogan was correct or not, but of
course American troops should leave Iraq and return to the USA, this is not
just an academic question, or an issue about politics within the USA, it is
about calling a halt to more slaughter. The American forces are just
bluffing and hoping that with overwhelming military superiority and a police
state they will be able to smash resistance, if they just stay put long
enough, in which case we have to wait for American citizens if they have any
rationality left to kick the cronies out of office, but in the meantime even
more people will die. Some liberal might argue "well at least school
children in Iraq don't get indoctrinated anymore" but they miss the wood for
the trees.
Iraqis aren't dumb - they know very well they need foreign aid to
reconstruct their country, and they can distinguish very well between
motives for different sorts of aid. But who is negotiating with whom ? How
can you restore even basic things like the water and electricity supply if
there are continually bombs going off ? How can you prevent the sell-out of
publicly-owned assets lawfully belonging to Iraqi citizens to foreign
corporations and prevent a massive rise of unemployment ? These things are
basic for simple survival. The American officials are incompetent to
re-establish order in Iraq, because they try to treat political questions as
if they weren't political questions, but just commercial or humanitarian
questions and all sorts of bullshit to hoax the American public with, and
they don't have the skills necessary to handle the political and cultural
issues. All they can do is engage in repression, so that the foreign
corporations can make profits, but that is like me saying that an economy
consists of producers and consumers without circulation and distribution, it
is total nonsense. It is always the same story, the Americans intervene with
a massive military intervention in a country somewhere faraway, but they
don't understand a fart about the politics of it, even their highly
respected universities mystify the whole pattern of foreign intervention in
Iraq in the last three decades, pretending imperialism is something that
happened in the 19th century. Sure, they can bomb the shit out of
Afghanistan, but does that really solve problems in that country ? Clearly,
no. All they do is create new animosities which continue on for a long, long


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