Bureaucratic and Sectarian

Ryan ryanhokanson at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 03:52:16 MST 2003

>Your response, copied below seems alfully sectarian and your hope to
>steal the book is typical of the actions of a bureaucrat.


>>>Castro, Fidel, "Against Bureaucracy and Sectarianism,"...

>>Fuck Pathfinder.

>>Bonus! I want to _steal_ this from _them_, it'll make all that much

Tom, I don't want their book. I wouldn't buy one of their books if you
paid me to.

I want the speech, which I'm sure they think they own, somehow. As far
as I'm concerned they are "all fully" degenerate(d).

I just thought maybe someone here might know where I could take a look
at the speech. I've heard that there is a pro-Castro current here. Maybe
I should just stick to reading what other people say about Fidel?


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