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Wed Nov 12 04:52:38 MST 2003

With a more competitive export dollar, refinancing the home and middleclass
consumer spending, less concern is focused on in the USA on the economy now,
and more concern is focused on the war against Iraq and its broader
implications. Which suggests the American anti-war movement should keep
raising the issue of bringing the troops home, because Americans are
actually more concerned about this now than before.

Gallup says that "Americans are less concerned about the economy and more
concerned about war and terrorism than they were last month, according to a
new Gallup survey. Similar percentages of adults now identify the economy
and war/terrorism as the most important problems facing the United States.
The decline in concern about the economy and increase in concern about
war/terrorism no doubt reflect recent positive economic news on the one
hand, and news about increased attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq on the other.
A majority of the public remains dissatisfied with the way things are going
in the country, though sentiment is slightly better than what Gallup has
measured in the past two months. The poll, conducted Nov. 3-5, finds 37% of
all Americans identifying some aspect of the economy -- including personal
and national conditions -- as the most important problem facing the country,
down from 46% last month."


There are actually lots of interesting survey findings now on the Gallup
site about what Americans think on average, if you care to have a look, and
the website has improved a lot. One finding I found interesting concerns
Dick Cheney. The principle of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" (i.e.
absence means there is nothing to impede positive thoughts about a person)
does seem to work. You can do shady and dirty deals, or as a Boston
newspaper not so long ago called it, "lie", but if you just keep staying
right out of the limelight, then people will almost automatically view you
more positively, it really works ! Thus Gallup says "A late October Gallup
Poll finds a majority of Americans (55%) holding a favorable view of the
vice president and one-third (33%) holding an unfavorable view. This is only
marginally less than his peak favorable rating as vice president recorded in
January 2002. At that point, 67% of the public viewed him favorably and just
20% unfavorably."


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