Fidel Castro's 1962 speech

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Nov 12 05:55:30 MST 2003

To my surprise, Fidel's 1962 speech is NOT
available at what is usually the best place,
the LANIC archive. I couldn't find it in any
of the usual places I looked, though perhaps
you could write to LANIC for help.

If not, perhaps the Marxist Internet Archive
or the Holt Labor Library can help you. If all
else fails, someone on this list with a copy
of the print edition should scan it and then
share it with the list.

In fact, why doesn't someone here please go
ahead and scan a copy of the speech and then
share it with us? THANKS!

As one who joined the US Socialist Workers
Party's youth group in 1962, and the SWP
itself in 1967, it's to the SWP's credit that
they published the speech when it came out,
and have kept it in print through all of
the years since then. If it weren't for a
political decision made by the SWP to both
print and keep in print such titles as the
speeches of Fidel and Malcolm X, these key
historic documents would not be available
in as easily accessible form as they are
today. Recently I had to purchase a copy
only Pathfinder has it. This is similarly
to the credit of the SWP.

The SWP's political evolution on other
matters in subsequent years doesn't detract
from what they did in previous years.

If you want to read the speech, you'll just
have to find it in print through their
inexpensive pamphlet. There are no copyrights
on Fidel's speeches. They are the property
of everyone.

And, yes, there IS a pro-Cuba current on
the Marxism list.

Walter Lippmann

I just thought maybe someone here
might know where I could take a look
at the speech. I've heard that there
is a pro-Castro current here. Maybe
I should just stick to reading what
other people say about Fidel?

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