Fidel Castro's 1962 speech

Ryan ryanhokanson at
Wed Nov 12 07:11:29 MST 2003

Again, with all due respect, Walter:

>Marxist Internet Archive
>Holt Labor Library

Looked looked and looked

>If all else fails, someone on this list with a copy
>of the print edition should scan it and then
>share it with the list.

That's what I'm hoping for, or a link to something...

>it's to the SWP's credit that they published the speech
>when it came out, and have kept it in print through all of
>the years since then.

Yes. To their "credit".

>Recently I had to purchase a copy
>only Pathfinder has it.

I know where I can find "La Revolucion Traicionada" online.

I'm a little worried about this though... wonder if the jackals @ SWP
will seize the "opportunity" to sue if they found out about this --
"their" product so freely available to everyone?

Let me know if you want a link to it. Gotta keep it hush-hush, you
On the down low.
On the q-tip.
Behind the man's back.

>This is similarly
>to the credit of the SWP.

Yes, once again. Credits and Props.

>The SWP's political evolution on other
>matters in subsequent years doesn't detract
>from what they did in previous years.

Maybe not. Probably so. But...

>If you want to read the speech, you'll just
>have to find it in print through their
>inexpensive pamphlet.

I don't think so. Like I said, I wouldn't buy a thing from them
...if you paid me to.

I'll promise you this: If I ever do get ahold of the speech,
I will make it a point to spread it far and wide.

I want them to sue me. I want them to prosecute me criminally.

I want to be sentenced over this.


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