Forward on Doug Henwood

Mark Lause MLause at
Wed Nov 12 07:26:26 MST 2003

What bothers me most is the willingness to sell out to any unspecified
empty suit.  Invariably, those doing the selling want to denounce
dogmatism and talk about how--under some strange set of
circumstances--wouldn't it be okay to back a Democrat, etc.

I'm anything but a dogmatist on these matters.  I'd be glad to hear the
sales pitch of a Democrat or anyone else who actually supports the
movement...that is, supports it, not just someone who says they support
it.  I'd be glad to hear any offers by any of the presidential public, somewhere towards the front of the next march on
Washington.  If they're not there, they've voted with their feet to stay
away...that's the same vote as our most reactionary foes.

However, we are not necessarily discussing any particular Democrat even
pretending to favor a movement.  At this stage, we are seeing
capitulation to an empty unknown...which tells us that it is
not even an overtly political consideration as much as an avoidance of
the psychological pain at the lack of connectedness to the kind of mass
politics that define the society...certainly this has political
implications of all sorts, but it really is sub-political...almost

We've never figured out a way to combat this.  Through the last century,
mass media, mass culture and mass politics have made this a problem the
movement's not gotten around in the U.S.

Mark L.

PS: In the end, of course, people who think and talk about class in the
course of ignoring it and negating its formative role in political
analysis are neither Marxists who vote Democratic or Democrats who are
Marxists.  What's an appropriate term for such mutants as want to both
intellectually march to their own beat and be in lock-step with mass
politics?  A "Demorxist"?

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