Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Nov 12 07:26:26 MST 2003

In 1968 Garry Trudeau launched a comic strip called "Doonesbury" while a
student at Yale. It was strongly antiwar. As he has moved up
professionally in the media world, he has shifted to the right.
Surprise-surprise. You can read his garbage on Over the past
couple of days, he has been making fun of an unshaven Iraqi man with a
comb-over, features intended to emphasize his general unsavoriness. His
real crime, however, is the oppression of women. In today's episode
(, he threatens to
beat a woman he is planning to marry as an instant ticket to the USA(!).
Why? Because she has spoken out of turn--specifically to ask permission
to go to the bathroom. Frankly, this was the kind of racist garbage Al
Capp was writing during the Vietnam war. Capp, who had created the comic
strip Lil' Abner in the 1930s, became a shrill supporter of the war
along with other aging show business figures like Georgie Jessel. Pathetic.


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