Tony Abdo gojack10 at
Wed Nov 12 10:36:08 MST 2003

Well, Ryan, here's how it works....    The liberal Demos tail end the
moderates (who are said to be popular), who are in turn tail ending the
Republicans (who run the show).    Then along come the electorialist element
of the Greens (not to appear too extreme, and better to win elections), who
tail end the liberal Democrats.    Then comes the 'Left' Greens who have to
tail end the electorialist Greens, to be realistic and to be where the
people are at.

So along come the 'socialists' who tail end the 'Left' Greens to be where
the activists are at.     These US socialists are tail ending the politics
of their more successful international comrades, who have determined that
this is the strategy that worked in Lilliputtia, therefore it should also
apply to the US.    So at long last, tail ending from the Far rear end, come
contributors to this list, that have decided that tail ending this 'Left'
caterpillar is what marxism is all about!    It is the HOPE, that out of all
this tail ending, some break from the tale shall occur!    So instead of
telling it as it is, we muct tail end or be sectarians......     So the tail
enders tell.

And we all must worry, that some of these tail enders shall fall into the
rear end of those in front of themselves.    That's to be our big worry,
rather than worrying about activists deactivating and forgetting that the US
is at war.     Eugene Debs would find all this interesting, if only he was
alive today.     But some might imagine him working to build a Green Party
national campaign for the presidency to build a more ecologically
responsible economy based on Green co-operatives and the prohibitting of
chemicals in agriculture.    And promoting a 'liveable wage' campaign, and
more fuel efficient vehiucles.     Too bad Eugene Debs is not the candidate
of the Green Party for president, instead of a possible Ralph Nader.
But Debs was a socialist, and besides he is now dead.

Funny that building the 'Labor Party' has now morphed into building the
'Green Party".

Oh, I'm concerned. I'm concerned that thinking people give these
disgruntled Democrats (and other confused misfits) the time of day.


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