Iraqi Resistance Grows as CIA Issues Pessimistic Report

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Wed Nov 12 10:38:38 MST 2003

Iraqi teenagers cheer as American blood flows

   By Michael Georgy
    BAGHDAD, Nov 12 (Reuters) - If Washington doubts there is
Iraqi public support for guerrillas killing its troops, it
should consider the teenagers who happily watched American blood
spill on Wednesday.
    After a roadside bomb ripped through a military vehicle and
wounded two soldiers, Iraqi boys rushed out of their homes to
survey the damage.
    "This is good. If they ask me, I will join the resistance.
The Americans have to die," said Ali Qais, 15. "They are just
here to steal our oil."
    The U.S. administration has long dismissed the guerrillas as
isolated "terrorists" who are Saddam Hussein loyalists or
foreign Islamic militants.
    But the scene in the Sarafiya district of Baghdad suggests
they are winning the sympathy of Iraqis, whose joy at Saddam's
fall has been overshadowed by anti-American rage.


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