Clark supports flag burning amendment

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Wed Nov 12 10:38:25 MST 2003

Just in case any of you have friends who have the lingering belief that
there is anything progressive about Wesley Clark...

Clark supports ban on flag burning
By Dana Hull
Mercury News

MANCHESTER, N.H. -Retired Gen. Wesley Clark said Tuesday that he supported a
proposed constitutional amendment that would ban desecrating the American
flag, a position that surprised some because he is a strong critic of the
Bush administration's attempt to stifle dissent about the Iraq war and flag
burning is largely seen by Democrats as an issue of free speech.

A World War II veteran asked Clark about the amendment during a Veterans Day
visit at the Manchester American Legion Hall.

"I'm absolutely in favor of anything that will strengthen the American
flag," said Clark, who stood on a chair and answered questions from the
crowd. "I'm in favor of the American flag amendment."


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