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Wed Nov 12 11:10:59 MST 2003

> Dim Hugwood has reached people? That's a form, not a content.  A quantity,
> not a quality.  He has reached people with a message of accommodation to
> existing order of exploitation and war.  He avoids jargon?  He certainly
> does not avoid capitalism's jargon, the jargon of  kinder, gentler but
> as deadly patriotism .  He certainly does not avoid the jargon of
> philosophical abstraction in faulting the "left" and the developing
> countries for the temerity of opposing the US-EU-Japan WTO agenda.
> Getting out of the closet?  Oh Dim's out of the closet all right, and
> dab in the living room of the Democratic Party.

Yes, clearly you are correct, comrade.  In Mr. Hugwood, we have a
manifestation of the mode of production generating a superstructural chimera
of the typology most treasured by the historically obsolete petty-bourgeois
ideologists.  Clearly, Hugwood fails to achieve a correct comprehension of
the scientific status of the revolutionary science of dialectical
materialism.  Indeed, this "gentleman" typifies the paradox yielded when the
contradictions of the dialectic confound false consciousness with emergent
ignorance of the Gramscian warnings regarding vanguardism and its absolute
negation at the hands of hegemonic "journalistic" tendencies.  The
ideological impact of Mr. Hugwood's attempts to communicate with the lumpen
proletariat in the vernacular of their bourgeois masters reflects profound
ignorance of Lenin's analysis of the last decrepit phases of the Czarist

Of course, many of Hugwood's soi-disant peddlers of capital's encryptions
may wonder about Comrade dmschanoes' statements regarding Hugwood's blatant
condemnations of the global anti-capitalist movement (which, admittedly, has
yet to appreciate the need for Leninist vanguardism), and his craven efforts
to distract attention from the dialectical truth that he is none other than
James Earl Carter's exact mirrorification in contemporary bourgeois
ideological exchange.  Hugwood's co-reactionaries might charge Comrade
Schanoes with their stereotypical bourgeois exclamation: "Dude, do you know
how to read?"

Cleary such ideological depth charges reveal the deepening crisis of the
bourgeois social order, which remains dialectically opposed to genuine
political and intellectual leadership.

Hugs and Gulags,

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