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And we all must worry, that some of these tail enders shall fall into the
rear end of those in front of themselves.    That's to be our big worry,
rather than worrying about activists deactivating and forgetting that the US
is at war.     Eugene Debs would find all this interesting, if only he was
alive today.     But some might imagine him working to build a Green Party
national campaign for the presidency to build a more ecologically
responsible economy based on Green cooperatives and the prohibiting of
chemicals in agriculture.    And promoting a 'liveable wage' campaign, and
more fuel efficient vehicles.     Too bad Eugene Debs is not the candidate
of the Green Party for president, instead of a possible Ralph Nader.
But Debs was a socialist, and besides he is now dead.

Funny that building the 'Labor Party' has now morphed into building the
'Green Party."


When did building the Labor Party morph into building the Green Party and by
whom? Politics is an art and one must start with where they are at and how
many forces one have at their disposal. Yes, a decisive breach with the two party
system has to be made and a class party fought for. The "greens" are not a
class party of labor. What are the activists to do in some godforsaken community
isolated from the major industrial centers and cities?

What are the socialist and communists to do who may not be able to get even a
committee of people together to advocate for a labor party?

I most certainly am not and will not advocate voting for Democrats or
Republicans and man will simply stay away from the polls.

The point is that the advocacy of building a Labor Party did not morph into
building the Green Party. Rather, there are various class forces and striving
involved in electoral politics. Some abandon the initial goal and opt for what
seems possible. This is the nature of politics.

There are say 100,000 communists and socialist in America scattered across
all states. Where does one start with no money, organization and literature?
One begins where they can.

Melvin P.

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