# Re: LCR lets go of dicktatorship - reply to Tom

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Wed Nov 12 12:10:18 MST 2003

Alex LoCascio wrote:
> Einde O'Callaghan:
>>>I'd just like to point out that Linksruck has survived
> the crisis and has played an important role (with other
> socialists) within Attac in recent mobilisations<<
> In all honesty, Linksruck, SAV, and the other more serious
> sects should be commended for the excellent role they played
> in holding the line on the November 1st demo and dragging ATTAC
> in kicking and screaming.  Credit must be given where it's due.
> Nonetheless, I think Einde is painting a rather rosy picture
> for those Marxmail subscribers who don't live in Germany and
> who don't know the situation first hand.
> First, let's get serious: Linksruck is regarded as a nuisance by
> the majority of serious activists.  And I don't just mean the
> reformists and NGO careerists, which is usually how Linksruck
> explains away criticism.
> Most movement activists work alongside Linksruckies in a dignified
> and comradely manner, but this is because they are serious about
> building a movement, and don't want to engage in pointless debates
> with hardened cadre.  Ask any ATTAC activist (revolutionaries
> included) about their opinon on Linksruck and the answer is not likely
> to be positive.
I can only say that my experience is limited to Chemnitz where we don't
seem to have these problems. Within Linksruck we are engaged in a
continuing discussion about our relationship with the movement and I can
only say at the moment that some of the points raised in the Alex's
message are being taken up in this discussion.

Einde O'Callaghan

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