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dmschanoes dmschanoes at
Wed Nov 12 16:12:08 MST 2003

Talk about bad faith and bullshit arguments-- what is this if not the acme
of both?:

CB: So you don't care about people starving ?

But you outdo even yourself for proving what I am saying-- for in the
discussion of whether forced sterilization in China is oppression you say:

CB: No, it doesn't surprise me that you think that. I was just curious. It
strikes me as stupid, since the consequences of uncontrolled population
 growth would be mass starvation etc.

So all your talk about having a third way that doesn't involve reproduction
of the previous barbaric attacks on women boils down to this.  Endorsing the
product of your own ignorance, your own inability to distinguish social
oppression from "natural limits."  QED
Well good for you, you and Indira Gandhi -- sure sterilize poor women, then
there will be plenty to eat.

That's all I need to hear, anyone should need to hear, to know where such
enlightened discussions of population control will take us-- to the knife.

I suggest anyone who thinks the forced sterilization of women is
necessitated by "overpopulation," "natural limits," adopt the vanguard
position, do the right thing-- seppuku.


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