Lenin's Gulags?

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Wed Nov 12 23:50:05 MST 2003

Yeah, this is from the people who are "against indoctrination" but are quite
happy for us all to be bombarded with unsolicited corporate advertising.
Having falsified and lied about historical facts, they arrive at the
conclusion that it is worse if Iraqi children were "indoctrinated", than if
Iraqi children die at birth, or soon after birth, starve to death, are
diseased and malnourished, suffer cancer and cataracts, have a reduced
life-expectancy and so on as a result of imperialist intervention. In other
words, it is better if 2 million Iraqi children die, than if they have a
school system we do not agree with, and if our foreign policy causes those
deaths, we are not responsible for anything.

I saw a similar imperialist view on Dutch television, about North Korea. The
programme focused both on how North Korean children were seemingly
"indoctrinated", and how the schools used a Dutch text written by Anne
Frank, a Dutch Jewish victim of the Nazi's who wrote a diary. It was a
programme made by and for Dutch bourgeois wankers - they wouldn't give a
damn if half a million North Korean children died in another imperialist
war, they would have earnt their profit for their TV programme by then and
just go on holiday somewhere. They just want to make propaganda for
imperialism, that is all. If you look at the Dutch education system, it also
completely follows imperialist ideology.


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