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Thu Nov 13 06:55:08 MST 2003

>From JB:

Increasingly, higher-paid Americans do not want to produce more stuff, they
just want to consume stuff and manage, be the boss, they want to be the
bourgeoisie of the world or a Trotskyist, who manages the world's assets, on
the basis of a powerful military capability, that is the ruling ideology
anyway which the American middle classes generally accept........

In this sense, lots of American and European workers love to suck arse, in
other words, they give their wages away to the government, so that the
government can give the money back to the corporations, to do what they like

Somebody has to take exception to the above, other than me, right?  What
Americans, higher or lower paid, want to do has nothing to do with it.  The
subcontracting of production to areas outside the United States is executed
in both high wage and low wage areas-- Canada and Mexico,  Malaysia and the
UK, and what capital wants, profit, determines who does what and where, and
equally as important, when.

At a moment when 2.7 million jobs in the US have evaporated, a large portion
in higher wage manufacturing areas, the mythology of  workers' "privilege"
reveals itself to be 180 degrees out of phase with reality, obsolete, and


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