Interesting articles in Le Monde about Iraq

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Thu Nov 13 07:44:41 MST 2003

For french-reading people, there are very interesting articles during this week about Iraq.
The first article was a translation of the NYTimes magazine piece about the "bad planning" of the after war. 
The second one was about the everyday life of soldiers in a base near Bagdad. It made clear to me how disconnected US soldiers are of the population, and how they are losing the intelligence war: whereas there are barely no arabic speakers in the US army, in a typical military base, there are dozens of Iraqi workers doing maintenance work on the base. There are probably insurgents in those contract workers.
The third one, link below, is about the indiscriminate killings of civilians. The journalist makes clear that several instances of civilian killings are war crimes, even if he doesn't completely connect the dots.,1-0@2-3230,36-341646,0.html
Here is a typical extract:
... Toutes les morts de civils ne sont pas le résultat de "crimes de guerre". Une guerre tue toujours des innocents. Pour qu'il y ait "crime", il faut qu'il y ait intention de tuer un non-combattant. Lors des combats au sol, ce fut, à de multiples reprises, le cas. Et cela l'est resté après la fin officielle des "opérations de combat majeures", décrétée le 1er mai par le président George W. Bush....

	Yves-Marie Quemener

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