Malthus and Marx

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Thu Nov 13 09:17:33 MST 2003

Well, before I go any further:  You all might recall that famine was a reallity during
and ater the Russian Civil War.  To my knowledge, the soviets never engaged
in compulsory sterilization.  You all might recall that during the "special period"
Cuba's foreign trade dropped by 75% and its production dropped by 35%.  Did
Cuba institute compulsory sterilization?

Let me see if I got this right:  I said sooner or later this gets down to the
old in and out--  who gets to multiply and who gets cut.

You said, NO, we're Marxists, we would never do that.

Charles Brown says "Oh yes we would.  And we did.  And it was justified."

And the only word raised in opposition is from little old anti-ecological
crisis me.  And that's my flaw?

Not one of the supposed experienced, "dues paying," as you so like to
put it, who have "actually done something,"  as you were so eager to
put it, says zip about this.  Nothing. zero. nada. nil. No pedigreed trade
union organizers, not combat diesel mechanics, no practical organizers,
scholarly activists, active scholars, says, excuse the word.  shit.  And I
do mean shit.

But my objection to the use of a method historically practiced to keep
a big boot on the neck of the poor is "compromised," because I don't appear
sympathetic to dwindling stocks of cod fish?  I fucking dare you to reproduce
the "exchange" between Charles and myself in front of any women's group
inside or outside a leftist framework.

Something's wrong here, and it isn't me.  It's you. It's you and your privileged,
male chauvinist, faux ecological, pseduo socialist, phony concern for the
quantity of songbirds in the trees.

There is absolutely no point to being on this list and engaging in discussions
with people who thing compulsory surgery on women as a whole, as a CLASS,
has any place in a discussion of economy, society, past or future.

So all I can say is, good fucking bye.  I will unsub myself and wish you nothing
but the worst in your future endeavors.

Change the name Proyect-- Malthusmail at least has the virtue of explicitness.


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