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> And to this challenge you reply with Al "If anything, I consider
> myself
> an anarchist" Lewis? Anarchist? The most reactionary and
> counter-revolutionary "ideological" strain wallowing about the swamp?

Anarchism, for all its faults, is still an anti-capitalist ideology.
And I strongly contest the idea that it's the most "reactionary" and
"counter-revolutionary" ideology out there. If you don't believe me,
take a gander over to

> The Green Party is nothing but a capitalist party. That's where they
> start. And if you think that as they worm their way into the system
> that
> they so want to be a part of that they are going to move to the left,
> you are sadly mistaken.

Repitition does not make true. Repeating "the Green Party is nothing
but a capitalist party" might make you feel good and revolutionary, but
doesn't establish the fact.

Reality is, calling the Green Party a "capitalist party" makes no more
sense than calling it an "anti-capitalist party." There are essentially
two wings of this organization; an anti-capitalist wing, and a
liberals-who-are-pissed-off-at-the-Democrats wing. So yeah, there's a
pro-capitalist wing of it, but it's a mistake--and a denial of
reality--to assume that it dominates the party (inasmuch as anything
can be said to "dominate" it). The class character of the party itself
is hardly capitalist, unlike the Democrats.

Socialists who support the Green Party do so not because it's the Great
Way Forward for Socialist Revolution, but because it opens up a
space--no matter how small--in the bourgeois electoral system. Working
people have room in the Green Party to promote their own agenda.

Now, is this approach correct? I dunno. Much to the chagrin of some of
my comrades in Solidarity, I tend to have a "one foot in, one foot out"
opinion. I still have reservations about whether the Green party has
any future. But the reality is, they're all that's there.

And at the very least, linking up with activists who do want to change
the world is a lot more productive working in the Greens than standing
on a streetcorner and selling the One True Bolshevik Newspaper.


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