Clark: The Soldier's Truth Is Out

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> Subject: Clark supports flag burning amendment
> Just in case any of you have friends who have the lingering belief that
> there is anything progressive about Wesley Clark...
> Clark supports ban on flag burning
> By Dana Hull
> Mercury News
> MANCHESTER, N.H. -Retired Gen. Wesley Clark said Tuesday that he supported a
> proposed constitutional amendment that would ban desecrating the American
> flag, a position that surprised some because he is a strong critic of the
> Bush administration's attempt to stifle dissent about the Iraq war and flag
> burning is largely seen by Democrats as an issue of free speech.
> A World War II veteran asked Clark about the amendment during a Veterans Day
> visit at the Manchester American Legion Hall.
> "I'm absolutely in favor of anything that will strengthen the American
> flag," said Clark, who stood on a chair and answered questions from the
> crowd. "I'm in favor of the American flag amendment."
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This is too bad.  That guy started strong, and could flick superpatriots off
like "graybacks"; and if he ran, I'd vote for him (and I'm not a Democrat
anymore, just relatively sane).  But he's just too mean for contemporary
American public life; that means he probably never did anything to anyone,
and should relax, but he just can't be the way he is and win with

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