Re.: Long live freedom

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Nov 13 12:30:08 MST 2003

‘The caption reads: “You are not for sale.”  There are few countries in
the world where people have to be reminded by public advertisements that
they are human beings, not goods.’
So sez the Herald.

Commodified labor exists everywhere under capitalism.  The Herald
article about Moldova directs causality toward the Communism.  Lenin had
some wise words about bourgeoisie hypocrisy regarding prostitution.

The situation in Albania so closely approximates that in Moldova that
the nature of the immediate national government, in Albania’s case not
being “Communist”—could have less to do with the plight of the people
than the regional political economic environment.  We went over this
some time ago in a discussion of Cuban defectors such as athletes and
professionals.  When a push comes to a shove in the face, material
conditions will generally triumph over principles.

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