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Thu Nov 13 13:10:17 MST 2003

> Anarchism, for all its faults, is still an anti-capitalist ideology.
> And I strongly contest the idea that it's the most "reactionary" and
> "counter-revolutionary" ideology out there. If you don't believe me,
> take a gander over to

Anarchism isn't even an "ideology". The are no "ideas" in anarchism.

No, actually there is one "idea". Let's all just go way back to the
knuckledragging good old days. We'll just smash the state and see what
arises... what anarchism represents is the most ultra-reactionary
foolishness. The most ultra-reactionatry fools represent anarchism.

Somewhere recently on this list someone had a little insight into
conservative hate-radio -- that it had a strong undercurrent of
"libertarianism". Exactly right. New-age speak for the same old
reactionary crap. Disgruntled (I wanna smoke pot but hold on to my
bigotry, dammit!) rightwingers eat this stuff up, as it appeals to them
-rugged individualists they. Funny thing is, these freaking punks will
be the first ones eaten alive if their instant, mindless lawlessness
catches fire.

The rightwing sells this idiotology because they know the the really
angry dummies -- a huge part of their audience -- will buy it. And they
know that there are no enemies to their right.

BTW, Adam, I see a lot of Jew-bashing on Stormfront -- reminds me of a
certain Bakunin...

> > The Green Party is nothing but a capitalist party. That's where they
> > start. And if you think that as they worm their way into the system
> > that
> > they so want to be a part of that they are going to move to the
> > you are sadly mistaken.
> Repitition does not make true. Repeating "the Green Party is nothing
> but a capitalist party" might make you feel good and revolutionary,
> doesn't establish the fact.

No. What establishes the fact is that they are pro-capitalist. They
don't denouce capitalism, do they? Where? When? _How_?

> Reality is, calling the Green Party a "capitalist party" makes no more
> sense than calling it an "anti-capitalist party."

Oh, I see. Amazing! They are neither. And both.

Some third-way? Some special case?

Is this a marxist list?

> And at the very least, linking up with activists who do want to change
> the world is a lot more productive working in the Greens than standing
> on a streetcorner and selling the One True Bolshevik Newspaper.

Like I said, I understand fully; M&E always suggested
class-collaboration, opportunism and hidden agendas were the way to go.

Now, again, where is my t-shirt? Can I get the one with Rosa on the


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