GDP statistics - reply to Ryan

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Thu Nov 13 14:37:54 MST 2003

Increasingly, American capitalism consists of rentier imperialism, which
involves the management and supervision of financial and marketing services,
whereas actual production occurs in poorer countries.

As a socialist, I distinguish between people like Marx and Trotsky, and
Marxist ideologies based on the Russian revolution which dogmatists
propagate as being relevant now. These ideologies are ultimately bad, they
create political disasters, because you cannot apply a political style of
work developed in one country, indiscriminately everywhere else a hundred
years later. Nobody believes them anymore anyway, except a handful of
dogmaticians who understand nothing about what the political problems really
are, and don't do any real analysis of the real world. In that sense,
Marxism is already dead, what lives on is just some valid ideas that Marx
and various Marxists had, and the valid practice of people who call
themselves Marxists. The new generation completely rejects Marxist ideology,
what they search for, is real theory, real analysis, not ideology.

I don't know who Misik, Heer, Buchanan et al. are, I think for myself, and I
have nothing to do with any university or any rightwing clique.

My point about the sub-contracting issue is how it shows that the American
left is largely the bootlicker of imperialism, it wails about job-losses,
thinking that this is a criticism of the nasty capitalists, whereas it is a
victimology which just provides a rationale for protectionist measures that
enrich the corporates even more.

Beneath this leftist sellout of socialism, is a total incomprehension of
American capitalism and its role in the world, the only thing they have is
slogans and waffle.


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