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Thu Nov 13 18:21:02 MST 2003

Adam, there is more out there than the Green Party, and your thinking that
there isn't (as does the Solidarity groupthink) is what makes you desperate
to deny the reality that the Green Party is pro-capitalist.     And the
Green Party offers no real opportunity for space to break up the Two Party
System either, nor space for class struggle activists to really do much of
anything other than to plead good things and beg.    You and Solidarity want
all these desires of yours for the Greens to be true, but strong desire does
not translate into reality.

For decades upon decades, all these socialist hopes and desires were were
placed on the Social Democrats.    If only a "class struggle wing" could be
built.    If only a "labor party" could be built?     If only liberal
consciousness in  the labor unions could be kissed and liberals turned from
toads, into princes!    But Blair and Mitterand were the results.... and
worse.    But how much worse to now continue this delusional mindset into
building the Green Party, the new toads to be turned into princes by
dedicated marxist-leninists?

This current of constant hope denied in US socialist ranks occurs most
strongly when antiwar/ anti- US militarism work is shuffled off to the side
and put into closets full of cobwebs.     It's as if the Bolsheviks had
decided to put aside the demand PEACE, because LAND and BREAD were more
important to the masses.    And because they didn't want to confront the
patriotism of the peasants head on!     And because moving ahead a slate
that could win in the Duma was of pressing importance.    Or doing work in
the railway union was to be concentrated on, to the exclusion of dealing
with the messy issue of World War One?

In short, the Greens are not all that is out there.     The Greens are not
even really a part of the antiwar movement, though some individual Greens
show up at demos built by other political formations.       You have turned
"out there", into "in there with the election candidates running".     This
is a fatal mistake.       The electoral arena is not the center and be-all
of political gravity in the US.     The Green Party is not some replacement
for being all focused on building a Left Wing in the trade unions.    And
even to exclusively focus on that was a political error that led to naught.
    It was chasing after panaceas, and so is this new focus on working
within the Green Party.

In short, stop working "within" and start working "on".    And that "on"
should be the antiwar movement.


"Now, is this approach correct? I dunno. Much to the chagrin of some of
my comrades in Solidarity, I tend to have a "one foot in, one foot out"
opinion. I still have reservations about whether the Green party has
any future. But the reality is, they're all that's there."

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