Marxism list and google

Ryan ryanhokanson at
Thu Nov 13 21:57:10 MST 2003

> This may be a reflection of the chilly times we're
> living in here in North America but I've recently been
> subjected to red baiting after someone "googled" me and
> found posts I'd made to the Marxism list under my name
> (I stopped using that account some time ago for
> unrelated reasons). "Googling", that is putting the
> name of a prospective employee or of someone you want
> to find out more about into a search engine has become
> more common as the technology develops. I'm wondering
> if lists such as the Marxism list should consider
> making their archives inaccessable to Google and other
> search engines in order to make this sort of practice
> more difficult and make participants in this list less
> exposed to attack? Of course, I guess anyone really
> concerned should be posting under a pseudonym but given
> that these concerns have heightened since 9-11 and that
> the ability of search engines such as "google" to
> catalogue email lists is relatively recent perhaps we
> should give this some consideration.
> Thanks,
> Andy

If threats have been made you should have recourse. Every bit of
trafific on the internet is traceable. Hop hop hop. Especially email.

I can guarantee you that if someone threatened the Frat Boy they'd trace

It's almost like we are living in a fraudulent society wherein justice
is anything but equally pursued & applied.


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