Banning the Star Spangled Banner should be Banned ?

Mark Lause MLause at
Thu Nov 13 22:02:37 MST 2003

Don't you really think that the entire flag issue is perfectly wonderful
bit of meaninglessness... a substitute for discussing matters of

I have never understood the point of burning the flag.  My first
experience with flag desecration was probably in the demonstrators
outside the Conrad Hilton in Chicago during 1968.  As the protesters
conversed on the hotel where the delegates were, a couple of them
climbed up to a flag and brought it down to tear it up.  They were
plainclothes cops...and the incident was the signal for the uniformed
ones to descend on the demonstrators with an vengeance.

To this day, the reactionary idiots in Chicago talk about how the
"hippies" destroyed a flag rather than to talk about the criminal police

The point of doing these things is not to emotionally gratify our anger,
but to persuade the persuadable, no?

Mark L.

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