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--- Tony Abdo <gojack10 at> wrote:
> Adam, there is more out there than the Green Party, and your thinking
> that
> there isn't (as does the Solidarity groupthink) is what makes you
> desperate
> to deny the reality that the Green Party is pro-capitalist.

Me? "Desperate" to defend the Green Party? ROFL! Oh, man, that's a
hoot. At least read *some* of my previous posts on the subject before
you spout such nonsense.

> For decades upon decades, all these socialist hopes and desires were
> were
> placed on the Social Democrats.

Eh? Must've missed that somewhere.

> In short, the Greens are not all that is out there.

Well, thank you, Captain Obvious. I must've missed that while my fat
ass was out there building the Palestine solidarity movement, the
anti-war movement, and various other activity that had
little-to-nothing to do with the Greens.

> You have
> turned
> "out there", into "in there with the election candidates running".

Granted. Allow me to re-state what I thought was a fairly clear
meaning; the Greens are the only viable independent political party in
the electoral stage at this point. [Since I despise HTML emails, please
visualize "at this point" as being underlined, bolded, italicized, and
sized at 78 pt.] Which is not to say that the Greens are a substitute
for building a strong Labor left, a powerful and sustained anti-war
movement, a Palestine solidarity movement, etc etc ad nauseum.

>  This
> is a fatal mistake.       The electoral arena is not the center and
> be-all
> of political gravity in the US.     The Green Party is not some
> replacement
> for being all focused on building a Left Wing in the trade unions.

You know, I grant you I haven't been a Solidarity member for very long.
A year and a few months. But I've read a considerable amount of Soli's
positions on elections, some I agree with, some I don't. And I usually
recall fairly clearly what I post.

And for the life of me, I don't recall Solidarity at any time saying
that electoral politics were "a center and be-all of political
gravity," nor do I recall the organization saying they were a
replacement for jack squat.

Since you seem to not know me at all, really, let me point out that
saying as much would be most uncharacteristic for me. And that is a
MASSIVE understatement.

> In short, stop working "within" and start working "on".    And that
> "on"
> should be the antiwar movement.

The really weird thing is you won't find me, or Solidarity for that
matter, disagreeing in the slightest.

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