Iraqi working class must lead resistance ?

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Fri Nov 14 00:39:11 MST 2003

I think the CPGB have a pretty strange dogmatic argument at   The reason is, that if the
invaders are killing your people, it doesn't do very much, or help very
much, to go on strike, or demonstrate. This argument reminds me of the US
SWP who argued since the 1960s that when gangs of American-financed state
security forces were murdering workingclass people and peasants in Latin
America, then the workers should form a "Leninist Party" there in response,
a totally ridiculous idea under the repressive circumstances and it had
nothing to do with them.

The real question is how Iraqi  workers can combine political organisation
WITH armed resistance against the invading killers. This question will be
resolved in the next half year I guess, because a lot of workers will become
unemployed, and they will be thinking about strategy.

The most popular urban targets at the moment are still individual soldiers,
convoys, guard posts etc. but, from a military point of view, this type of
thing only has nuisance value, and this suggests, that the armed resistance
doesn't have a really coordinated attack strategy yet where they do real
damage from a military point of view, even although they have all sorts of
contingency plans. They have plenty weapons, that is not the problem, the
problem is co-ordination and the capacity to strike at military targets that
really destroy the "heart and mind" of the US military machine. The
techniques which the occupying coalition forces are using, were pioneered by
Israeli Zionists in repressing and murdering Palestinian people, the methods
are the same, and probably the same businesses are providing the same
technologies, although they wouldn't say that publicly or deny it. This is
why what they are doing is disastrous politically long-term.


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