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Fri Nov 14 04:52:56 MST 2003

The Ceri Evans Internet Archive

When Ceri Evans died in August 2002 at the age of 36, he not
only left behind a large number of comrades and friends but
a rich collection of political writings. A comprehensive
selection of these writings, the product of over 20 years of
political activity, the greater part of them as a
revolutionary socialist and militant of the Fourth
International, can be found archived at the Ceri Evans
Internet Archive:
<>. Also archived at
the site are a number of articles about Ceri, and a
selection of writings relating to Welsh history and politics
by Welsh Fourth Internationalists and sympathisers of the
Fourth International in Wales.

The site is still under construction, and will be updated as
and when new relevant material comes to light.

We have put the site together as a political resource, and
we invite you to use it as such. Your comments and feedback
will be welcome.

Ed George (on behalf of the friends and comrades of Ceri

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