Democrats worry about Bush pullout

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NY Times, November 14, 2003
In U.S., Fears Are Voiced of a Too-Rapid Iraq Exit

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 — The Bush administration's decision to speed the 
transfer of sovereignty to Iraq and replace American troops with Iraqis 
is bringing fresh warnings from Congress and policy experts against 
pulling out of Iraq too early and letting election-year considerations 
dictate Iraq policy.


"My greatest fear is that this administration, having made all the wrong 
choices, is going to conclude they have to bring Johnny and Jane home by 
the next election in order to survive," said Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. 
of Delaware, ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 
in an interview.

[Democratic] Representative Rahm Emanuel, in a separate interview, said, 
"If you look at everything they're doing, it looks like they're laying 
the groundwork for a premature departure."

Martin Indyk, the White House's Middle East policy director under Mr. 
Clinton, said that the stepped-up attacks on rebel forces in Iraq this 
week were reminiscent of the naval strikes President Reagan unleashed on 
anti-American forces in Lebanon just before American troops were 
withdrawn in 1983.

"The problem is that, as the C.I.A. has already concluded, the Iraqi 
public has already reached its conclusion that the United States is 
leaving," said Mr. Indyk, director of the Saban Center of Middle East 
policy at the Brookings Institution. "Other nations in the region will 
be quick to reach the same conclusion."



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