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The Other Women's Movement:
Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America

Dorothy Sue Cobble


American feminism has always been about more than the struggle for
rights and equal treatment with men. There's also a vital and continuing
tradition of
women's reform that sought social as well as individual rights and
argued for the
dismantling of the masculine standard. In this much anticipated book,
Dorothy Sue
Cobble retrieves the forgotten feminism of the previous generations of
women, illuminating the ideas that inspired them and the reforms they
secured from
employers and the state. This socially and ethnically diverse movement
for change
emerged first from union halls and factory floors and spread to the
"pink collar"
domain of telephone operators, secretaries, and airline hostesses. From
the 1930s
to the 1980s, these women pursued answers to problems that are
pressing today: how to balance work and family and how to address the
economic inequalities that confront us. The Other Women's Movement
traces their
impact from the 1940s into the feminist movement of the present.

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Thank you for your time.
Julie Haenisch
Princeton University Press

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