Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Fri Nov 14 11:00:41 MST 2003

Instead of thinking of the Green Party in terms
of winning it over, transforming it or taking
it and making it into something it's not, why
not think of the Green Party as simple being an
experience, a moment in time, a place in a long
term process?

I'm not a member and haven't plans to become one.
I'm already a member of the California Peace and
Freedom Party, completely inactive. I'm registered
to vote in it, nothing more. It, too, is a part of
a longer-term process, which should ultimately in
the long run result in the formation of a new party
of some type which can meet the needs of our time.

If I knew where to find the name, address and the
platform of that party, I would do so. Lacking
those elements, my approach is to try to retain a
positive approach toward individual things done by
specific groups over time. This could include the
most diverse options, up to and even including the
Socialist Workers Party, from time to time.

Seeing each step as a piece in the puzzle and a
part of the whole, rather than a finished object
is a more useful approach, in my opinion.


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